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Shoshinkan Dojo is the oldest running Aikido dojo in Rhode Island. Founded in 1998 and affiliated with the Aikido Association of America.

We are a community of martial artists dedicated to the study of Aikido. Our Dojo name Shoshinkan was given to us by Fumio Toyoda Shihan and can be translated as the place of the beginners mind.

This beginners mind or perspective is especially important in regards to our martial training and personal lives. How often do our minds trick us into believing we’ve learned all we can know about any given topic, pursuit or scenario? This beginners mind is fresh, open and eager to learn without fear of making mistakes.

Another interpretation provided to us by Kengo Hatayama Shihan is honest mind, correct mind. When pressed further he exclaimed shoshin is when a person finds a lost wallet and only thinks of returning it intact to its owner without hesitation. These definitions of shoshin are what we as as a dojo or community have slowly over time and patient practice matured into.

This maturity has lead us to maintain high technical standards and rebuke the commercialism often seen in American martial arts. We adhere to the traditional aspects of martial training, which requires strong emphasis on form and etiquette leading to a true understanding of the martial way.

Join us in the spirit of shoshin.

Zazen: 6:30pm – 8:00pm
Aikido: 6pm – 8pm
Zazen: 6:30pm – 8:00pm
Aikido: 6pm – 8pm
Aikido: 11am – 1pm

“To live is enough”

Shunryu Suzuki

393 West Fountain Street
Providence, RI.